Ákos Molnár
Ákos Molnár
25. Hungarian. Cycling.
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Győri Bencés Bál
Event website for my old school. With PayPal integration for the ticket ordering.
built: 2013
last updated: ongoing developments
Bencés Bringatúra
A website for our yearly bike tours.
built: 2010
last updated: 2012 | redesign is planned for 2014
A simple website for a small company.
built: 2010
last updated: 2010
Kenesei Vendégház
A simple website for a friend. I'm not proud of the UI, though. :D
built: 2011
last updated: 2011
Chasing records doesn't keep me on my bike. Happiness does.
Lance Armstrong
Who am I? 25. From Sümeg, living in Budapest.
#bicycles #highBPMmusic #nature #TVseries

Probably the only man on the planet who hates football (soccer) :D

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The bikes Cube LTD Race
Wilier Triestina Pontevecchio
Cube Aim Photos #Canon1100D #50mm1.8 #HTCDesireC #SamsungD60 #ASUSTF700KL #iPhone4S

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